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With her back to Story, she mixed and stirred his drink before turning and bringing it to him.

Here ya go.

He sat up and took the glass from her.

You didn’t make one for yourself? Nah, I’m good.

Being quite thirsty, Story downed the gin quickly then lay back on the bed. Webcam live mature granny.

How do you feel? Oh, hell, I feel great, yeah – oh, um, well now.

Story suddenly felt very tired and the room seemed as if it had started to slowly spin.

I dunno, something feels weir… The Desert Suddenly jolted from his slumber, Story’s feet were yanked upward by an unseen force. Dreamymoni chat sexonline free.

Violently he was rolled up inside his bed sheet.

With all his might, Story pushed at the sheet that was tightly squeezed around him.

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Multiple hands pushed and pulled as his feet were yanked upward.

He felt himself sliding down the bed and he was held aloft. Foam tantric sex chair.

He couldn’t get any leverage.

His struggle was useless.

Hey! Story shouted.

What the hell is going on? Who is this? This isn’t a dream! What the hell is going on? What the fuck? He could hear voices and could tell numerous men were in the room but no one was responding to his yelling. Lesbian webcam movies.

The sheet was rolled up so tight he could barely squirm.

Who are you and why are you doing this? Story felt a heavy punch in the gut.

Shut up! The voice was deep and scratchy, like an ultra bass, possibly the dark man Lilith called Asmodeus.

I guess the casino is on to me.

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This isn’t good.

This isn’t good at all.

Of fuck, this isn’t good! Story felt them carrying him until they started stuffing him into what he thought was a maid’s service cart.

Hey! Let me go! Story yelled as loud as he could.

Who are you? Somebody shut him up! Free video call sex. Story didn’t recognize the voice.

Thud! Everything went blank.

Story sat in the dining car of a train.

Moving at a high rate of speed it jolted along the tracks.

Or was he dreaming? A sharp pain shot through his skull.

It was a headache, a strong one.

Story realized he was awake and had been dreaming. Free sex chat avenue.

He wasn’t on a train at all.

No, but he wished he had been.

He was still wrapped up too tight to maneuver in his bed sheet from the hotel.

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I’m in a fucking car trunk.

Goddammit, those assholes have shoved me into a car trunk! Struggling hard, he still couldn’t get free from his tightly wrapped, bed sheet cocoon. Phoesweet webcam online porn.

It felt like they’d wrapped the sheet in duct tape.

Losing track of time, Story had no idea how long they had driven with him in the trunk.

He could tell though, that they were not driving on a paved road.

It was very hot and he was sure they were driving him deep into the desert. Deelightfull webcam.

By the time the car stopped, Story was barely conscious from the heat and dehydration.

Two hefty men discarded their suit jackets before opening the trunk of the car.

They yanked Story, wrapped in his sheet and tightly duct taped, from the boot and carried him past a group of their peers to a hole dug in the desert sand.

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Story’s head cleared enough for him to finally feel that he was awake and aware of his surroundings.

The Revelation Story squirmed as best he could to look around.

No sounds of helicopters or police sirens could be heard, just the eerie hot wind of the desert and the voices of his abductors. Free webcam sex site no join up.

Breaking away from the jeering group, a man strolled over to where Story was buried.

The lizard scampered off.

Story squeezed his eye lids tight to force the sweat out of his eyes.

He recognized the man with perfect features from the photos he’d seen.

Natas? Webcam of girls. Yes, that’s me, Donatello.

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Or shouldn’t I say Story, Justin Story of that gossip rag, the Continental Post? How did you- C’mon, now, Natas sneered, we knew before you left D.


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