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I wanted her to explore the newly found rough sex that he gave her last night.

She came home at noon the following day and told me that he had spanked her ass again last night.

Hard? I asked.

Very hard baby, Christy smiled, Harder than the night before.

Breasts? Webcam private hot tits. I asked.

Hum, yes, my breasts as well.

Hard? Well, Yes, hard! Did you like it, baby?" Actually, I asked for him to spank me! And your breasts? Yes, I begged for him to spank my breasts! Are your breasts and ass marked?" A little.

Will you be spending the night with him or me tonight baby? Cute webcam brunette masturbating. With you sweetheart, with you.

So, will you be naked in bed with me tonight? I won’t be naked baby; I will wear my tee shirt, bra, and panties.

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Oh, I was hoping that we would have sex baby.

I had sex with Chris this morning, so I am still his property until tomorrow, you know the rules baby. Pornsex shower.

Oh yes, I forgot that you probably had sex this morning; I’m sorry baby.

It's okay baby, you might get to see me naked tomorrow.

I might? You mean that you may be sleeping with Chris tomorrow night? I might do, but even if I don’t, I might not have sex with you; I kind of like teasing you by withholding my body from you, don’t you? Telugu actress tamanna sex videos. Actually, I do baby.

Good, so you don’t mind if I keep it going for a while; would you like that? Yes, I would; as strange as that sounds I do.

I love you having sex with him and giving him your body.

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You do? Yes baby, I do; I would love it if you had sex with him as often as you can. Caprice holdings sexy fish.

Even if it means that you don’t? Yes, baby, I would love that.

Okay, then I will keep the denial going for a little while longer.

That’s fine baby, I am okay with that; I love Chris having your body.

Oh, believe me, baby, he has my body; the question is, for how long do I let him solely have my body? Bengalisex. That’s up to you sweetheart, you know I will go along with whatever you decide; you are in control.

Yes, I am, remember that, Christy smiled in a seductive way and kissed me deeply.

So, how long will the denial for me be baby? A few days? A week? I’m not sure yet, but it will probably be longer than a week if that’s okay with you baby?

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Milf sexy clips. Honey, you are in control, whatever you decide, you don’t ask me, you tell me! Oh yes I am, I can’t get used to that; in that case, let's just say, don’t expect to be allowed to see or touch me for at least a few weeks! A few weeks? My erection grew to an incredible size as she said that. Jasmin sexy chat in urdu.

Wow, okay then baby, whatever you say.

She knew how much I liked this, and how hot I found it.

I said, at least a few weeks, it may be longer! Christy said softly, it probably will be longer, a lot longer! Okay baby, I smiled, keep it going as long as you like! Swinger couples seeking sex in kondoz. black benigna 31yo. i am seeking teen fuck. Are you sure baby? Christy asked, I may keep it going for more than a few weeks.

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Her words brought me to the point of no return; I had to run to the bathroom and work myself off; it took less than two minutes! I returned and she asked me if I felt better? Fish fuck lyrics. Are you sure that you are okay with all of this baby? Christy asked as she kissed me deeply.

Baby, I love it! Even the denial part? Especially the denial part; I love that you are doing this to me; you can keep it going for as long as you like.

" Don’t say that I may just accept your offer, Christy smiled. Big black grannies fucking.

Accept it, baby, I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it.

Let’s see how it goes, baby.

I asked her if I could just have a little peek at her bruised breasts and she pulled her vest down a little; I saw the top of her white bra and as she pulled that down an inch; I saw a lot of red marks. 1on1 sex chat free on registration.

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Wow, he did beat your breasts, hard baby.

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