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I’m using the name, Anthony Donatello.

Good, you need them to think you’re a serious player — a high roller from the East Coast.

After you check in, get a massage or something, eat in their roof level restaurant.

It’s very posh, I understand.

Then enjoy some of their strippers. Josephine james porno video.

One of ‘em or a hostess chick will probably latch onto you.

She’ll escort you to the casino.


They’ll probably let you win big at first.

Then the chick will go with you to your room.

Be damn careful she doesn’t see that wire.

But get it all.

After she fucks your brains out, make sure you get her to say how much you’re paying her. Webcam girls kgz.

Perks of the job, Story grinned.

Pussy? Undercover? Now we’re talkin’.

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Then meet us at Rick’s Diner on The Strip tomorrow morning.

Not too early, I hope.

Lieutenant Stowe chuckled.

Yeah, okay.

Make it noon, and it will be breakfast for you.

Us too, we’ll be up most the night. Ssbbw sex skachat.

Simms here will be stalking you in the casino.

Hell, I might even let him keep an eye on you in the strip club.

I think he likes looking at titties.

Showing no expression at all, Simms stared out the side window.

Stowe slowed the car and pulled up to the curb. Ichatsexchat com.

Here’s your stop.

But we’re back at the airport? Yeah, for sure.

Hail a cab from here.

We gotta keep the suspicion down.

Tomorrow at noon.

Rick’s Diner.

I got it.

Stowe grabbed his bag and exited the car.

In the phone booth across the street, a large man in a gray suit with his back turned, chatted away on the phone.

Chubby gay old men having sex. story
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Just like you said, Boss.

They must’ve driven around and they’re back.

Story waved down a cab and hopped into the back seat with his bag.

Where to? asked the cabbie.

Story eased back in the seat.

The Devil’s Harem Casino.

The cabbie sped off toward the city. Girls 48082 who want sex.

Story gazed out the cab window at the barren, brown mountains that surrounded the enormous, flat desert valley that held Las Vegas.

He felt excited.

Goddamn, I like doing undercover for stories.

The cab turned onto Las Vegas Boulevard South, the Strip as it’s known. Mobile free sex chat in tamil.

It was easily one hundred degrees Fahrenheit outside, yet tourists were crowded onto the sidewalks.

Chubby gay old men having sex. story

They made their way up the Strip, past Caesar’s Palace.

Story was surprised when the cabbie turned off the Strip and went down what looked like an alley. Free sex video call sites.

This can’t be right.

The alley opened up into a luxurious courtyard.

The circular driveway was paved with marble.

A large centerpiece sported a remarkable remake of Michaelangelo’s David, only with an extraordinarily large phallus.

The cabbie stopped in front of the Art Deco entranceway and looked back toward Story. Face lift sex.

This is it.

Story handed him a ten dollar bill.

Does a sawbuck cover it? Yep.

Keep the change then.

Story scooped up his bag as he slid out of the backseat.

The Devil’s Harem Looking up, he counted thirteen stories to the building.

Chubby gay old men having sex. story

Hell, that’s damn unlucky. Pornlina privat porno.

A doorman that looked to be Native-American wearing a red suit and sporting a long ponytail, opened the heavy glass door and greeted him.

Welcome to The Devil’s Harem.

Something eerie about the doorman’s grin made Story feel uncomfortable.

In fact, as he stepped into the circular foyer, it felt like the hair on the back of his neck had stood up. My69dick freepakisex com m.

A whiff of cold air wisped by him, and as he was walking through the foyer, he thought he caught some kind of almost subliminal image.

Looking up, Story saw a huge, extremely ornate chandelier.

He looked around on all sides and the entire wall was mirrored. Webcam live feet.

It was when Story looked down at his feet that he began to notice a barely darker shade of marble tile on the floor.

Chubby gay old men having sex. story

From studying it he thought he noticed something.

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