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I only had the lubrication of her own pussy juice on my cock.

The forcefulness of my thrust into her ass was intended to give her notice that I was the one in control. Janet porno revolution.

She reacted instinctively.

I could tell she was surprised.

The force of my entry and thrust into her ass had been painful for her.

But she didn't resist or whine.

She remained passive and kept her ass pointed toward me, waiting for me to enter her again. Asian lesbian webcam.

My second thrust was as forceful as the first.

So was my third.

I could tell Jacqueline was having a hard time.

I think I was going to deep.

But it wasn't anything I cared about right then.

I fucked her ass as hard and deep as I could without injuring myself. Www tsmil sex wap com.

My pace was quick and the depth of my thrusts were all the way up to my balls which beat against her ass cheeks with a steady rhythm.

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I heard sounds coming from her mouth, but they were inaudible sounds.

The best way I can describe them is that they were sounds of pain and discomfort mixed with sounds of pleasure. Sex movies online free download.

As my assault on her tight little ring continued unabated, I leaned my face forward toward her so she could hear me speak.

"You're just a woman who likes to be fucked.

" I whispered to her. Angelzina www chat sexi online.

She took my words in silence.

In the light of the forcefulness of my assault on her, they must have seemed angry and scary.

I wasn't sure that she had understood me until she finally replied under her breath in between her pleas for me to "go easy".

"I'm a woman who just wants to be fucked by her husband.

" I complied and continued to fuck her.

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Every thrust was as powerful and deep as the last one.

She took every remaining thrust without complaint.

I sensed she had had enough when she began begging me to cum inside of her. Www sexy photo come.

I felt a little mercy.

I allowed myself to reach orgasm and shot my load deep into her anus.

My orgasm was strong and intensely pleasurable for me.

When every last drip was out of me and into Jacqueline, I collapsed on top of her body. Free canl? chat sex.

The experience was so insanely surreal and so deeply emotional, that I kept my cock inside of her for several more minutes.

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