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After another sip of tequila she said, Alex, I’ve had over a hundred students over the years come to my apartment for sex-ed class.

It was mostly the shy boys, and as the years went on, sometimes it was boy I just wanted to fuck… It sure beat dating, Terri said with a laugh. Zoofilia teen webcam.

As I sat there, I was both fascinated and shocked to hear Terri’s story, and I had a feeling there was a lot more to come.

After another swig, Terri said, Alex, just so you know, I’d never touch any of them in school… That was way to risky.

So Terri, how did you get away with it after you got married? Mnogoporno com. I asked.

Simple - I didn’t.

After I was married I stopped; I had too, and now that I’m retired, my poor pussy’s been in a drought, Terri said with a smile.

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Not tonight, I said with a laugh.

A few seconds later Terri said, Yeah Alex, thank you.

For the next few minutes Terri and I just looked at each other and had a little more tequila. Katie foxy privat webcam.

Then, Terri reached for her pussy and said, Alex, now let me tell you about my shy gay boys, they were always a lot funReally, you had the gay boys over too, I said.

Shit yeah… When I’d have them over it was always in pairs.

I’d also instruct them how to kiss, how to suck cock, and how to have safe sex just like the straight boys, Terri said. Female supremacy baroness essex.

Damn, I said.

Alex, after I’d give the gay boys some verbal and visual instructions, I’d get in bed with them and masturbate while they fucked right next to me.

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Fuck, I used to get so fucking hot watching them.

I’d watch em’ kiss, and suck cock, and I’d always let the virgins fuck bareback and shoot their cum in each other’s ass, just so they knew how it felt to have a bare cock and a load of hot cum in their ass, Terri said. Radikseksix live sex hat.


Now that’s real fucking hot, I said.

Fuck yeah it was.

One year I had these two gay boys over, and these two actually fooled me because they knew exactly what they were doing, Terri said.

How’s that? I asked.

Well, when they came over they both led me to believe they were virgins. Sexy suranne jones.

Well shit, when these two got in bed with me their tongues and love sticks went right to work.

After a good bit kissing and cocksucking, one boy got on all fours between my legs, so I spread wide open for him… Fuck, this little fucker put his face inches from my pussy, and then he stuck his tongue out just to fucking tease me, Terri said.

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He didn’t eat you? I asked.

Fuck no… And the boy that was going to fuck him, and did he ever, well fuck, his cock had to be close to a fucking foot long, and he had the whole thing buried in this little fucker’s ass in seconds, and then he proceeded to fuck the shit out of him… And Alex, this little fucker took it without flinching. Show your dick webcam.

There was no way it was his first time, Terri said.

Holy fuck, I said.

Terri took another swig of tequila, and then she continued, Alex, I’m not sure how long this kid fucked this little fucker’s ass, but when he finally shot his load, this little fucker stood up on my bed with his finger in his ass so the cum didn’t drip out, Terri said.

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Are you serious… I said.

Yeah, and get this… Then the little fucker straddles me, pulls his finger out of his ass, and lets the fucking cum drip out all over my tits, Terri said.

He did that… I said.

Yeah he did… So I looked up at this fucking kid and smeared the cream all over my tits, and then I rubbed some on my clit. Www chat for sex singles com.

Fuck, then while he stood over me he pumped his big fucking cock, Terri said.

Holy fuck… So then what… I said.

Alex, I was so fucking hot I pinched my clit hard while I watched him stroke his big cock, and as he did he watched my pussy drip so much that I wet my bedWell, it took him a few minutes to shoot his load, but when he did he shot it all over my tits and pussy, Terri said.

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Oh fuck… So then what… I said Well when he did, I rubbed his cum all over me, licked some off my fingers, and then I had a huge orgasm… Alex, those two became frequent visitors, and eventually the kid I calllittle fucker’ did eat my pussy as his buddy pounded his hole, Terri said. Fucking married woman in denver.

Holy fuck that’s hot, I said.

Fuck yeah it was, sometimes when I masturbate I think about them, and then I cum like crazy, Terri said.

Terri was certainly on a roll telling her stories.

She took a another swig of tequila, and then she said, Alex, now listen to this one… One night a new pair of gay boys came over. Gay sleeping sex clip.

After a while one of them tells me he was curious about girls too, and he wanted to know what boobs and the inside of a pussy felt like… So what happened?

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I said.

Well for starters, I made the curious one kiss me and play with my tits.

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