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Hope all enjoyed.

~SheerLina Day 30:Last night my GPS failed.

I don’t know why, but my position is in the Mojave desert since 3:25 PST.

And this is quite unlikely, because I am on the Pacific! At least when I started four weeks ago, in Belgium, I headed towards it and after crossing the Indian Ocean I reached it 3 days ago. Sex jeys angel.

Day 31:The weather is still bad.


So, no sextant to determine position.

It’s new moon, so no hint from there either.

My compass tells me I am heading SSE.

I should make it to Tahiti in 3 days.

Day 32:Compass acts erratic.

GPS has me close to the Vatican now! Sexy busty milf porn. The clouds have to lift or I soon really don’t know where I am.

In the afternoon a thick fog welled up.

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Fog this time of the year! It gets colder, too.

Am I heading south? At least, the wind is still there.

I am making a steady 25 knots.

Day 33:The wind picked up over night so that I had to take some sails down. Free trial sex chat made ez.

I have food and water for another 25 days, but I am thinking of rationing.

Am I going in circles? The weather has to get better.

At 5 p.


I heard a strange banging sound, as if one would strike a huge empty barrel with a stone.

I fired one of my signal rockets, but no reply whatsoever. Felixmankinb free online porno chat africa.

Day 34:The wind eased and the fog lifted.

I woke up because the boat did not move.

I felt like being in a harbor.

Still half asleep I went upstairs and I nearly fell into the water: I found myself in the bay of an island!

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How did I come here? GPS and Compass are still useless. Sexy red haired mom spank hard spanked redhead.

I don’t know of any island in the southern pacific that has iron-rich beaches that could impede on the action of a compass.

Actually, I don’t know any island anywhere with this characteristic.

And this also should have no influence on the GPS anyway! 300 yards away I could see a beautiful sandy beach, but I decide not to land. Toledo ohio chicks who like to fuck.

Better safe than sorry.

I have enough food for another two weeks, and here on my boat there aren’t any poisonous snakes or spiders.

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