Best sex position for a woman.

Best sex position for a woman. Derek

He licked it again and glanced up at Derek.

Go ahead, Derek whispered.

It’s not gonna hurt you.

Mitch slipped the cock into his mouth slowly, his tongue playing with the knob.

It was short enough that he could deepthroat it easily, and in no time at all, he was bobbing his head back and forth, just like the girls he’d seen in a few videos. Gambar sex xxx.

He pulled the dick out of his mouth to catch his breath.

When he did, Derek repositioned himself, sitting down on the bed.

Mitch liked this position because now his head could bob up and down, which seemed a much more natural motion to him.

Up, down, up, down. Lililong live chat face to face for sex.

Mitch’s instincts took over.

He adored everything about what he was doing.

Best sex position for a woman. Derek

He licked the shaft up and down.

He pulled it all the way out, plunged it back into his mouth.

His nose nestled up against Derek’s skin, where his pubic hair should have been.

He reached a hand up and massaged Derek’s balls as well. How old lucifer sex doll.

Yet another first, feeling another man’s testicles in his hand.

Mitch continued sucking Derek’s cock for nearly ten minutes, but it seemed like an hour.

As he did, his mind couldn’t help but conjure up a number of terms.

Cock sucker.

Pole smoker.

Sword swallower. Clara lago sex video.

These were all terms that he himself had used as insults towards others—and all terms which now applied to him.

Mitch’s hand, Derek’s cock, and balls were now thoroughly drenched in slobber.

Best sex position for a woman. Derek

Derek had been making small moans of pleasure for quite some time, but Mitch finally heard him say, I’m close, I’m close, just be ready. Blonde sexy images.

Suddenly, Mitch panicked.

Oh, shit! Ready for what?! He knew, of course, but he realized that another decision had to be made, and fast.

He reached his decision just a split-second before Derek said, Here it comes.

The first spurt hit the roof of Mitch’s mouth and fell on to his tongue. Married women in valencia looking for sex.

The second spurt hit the back of his throat.

The third glazed his tongue with the thick, syrupy fluid.

To Mitch’s astonishment, it was extremely salty.

Just as when he had started, his instincts took over once more, and he swallowed.

Best sex position for a woman. Derek

And swallowed again.

After Derek’s orgasm had subsided and Mitch had sucked out the last drop of cum, he slurped the dick from his mouth and let it flop limply between Derek’s legs. Sexy allenstown new hampshire women.

Mitch sat back on his knees and looked up at Derek, who seemed fatigued.

So, how’d I do? Mitch asked, genuinely curious about how he had performed.

That was awesome, Derek said honestly.

I mean, really awesome.

Best blowjob I’ve ever had, and I mean that for real. Luckywomen13 porno roulette italia live.

I’m not just saying that.

Mitch couldn’t resist asking, as he crawled up on the bed.

How many have you had? Derek thought about it for a second.

Three from girls, two from guys—other than you.

Best sex position for a woman. Derek

So, that was the sixth one.

Mitch nodded with satisfaction.

That seemed like a fair sample to be measured against. Free fuck buddies near climbing hill iowa.

Derek glanced at Mitch, who was still wearing his unbuttoned and unzipped jeans.

Why don’t you take those things off? I feel a little awkward being the only one naked.

Mitch did as instructed, and as he lay back against the bed, with Derek next to him, he once again marveled at the surreal nature of what had taken place in the past two hours. Film sex and the city online sa prevodom.

He had gone from being an uptight virgin who had never drunk alcohol, to having sucked another guy’s cock while being just a little more than buzzed.

Even now, Mitch was still in utter disbelief that the two of them were lying side by side, quite naked.

Best sex position for a woman. Derek
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Was it the alcohol? he asked himself.

He hoped not.

He had so thoroughly enjoyed the experience, he didn’t want to believe that the only reason he had done it, was because he was drunk.

What’s on your mind? Derek asked, resting his hands behind his head. Anissa kate porno 2018.

Mitch instantly noticed that Derek shaved his underarms as well.

The smooth, hairless body was strangely arousing.

Derek wasn’t muscular by any stretch of the imagination, but he was thin and delicate.

Mitch stared at his friend’s body for a moment and decided the best word he could think of to describe it would be effeminate. Kira kener outside fuck video clip.

Mitch explained some of the thoughts he’d been having, about how quickly it had all happened, and how much he had enjoyed it.

Best sex position for a woman. Derek

Derek giggled.

Well, sometimes you just know when something’s the right thing to do.

They talked for a few minutes and Derek relayed the story of his first time with another guy, a close friend of his in high school. Silvana-sexy gratis cams.

After it had happened they both swore each other to secrecy and it pretty much ruined their friendship.

Is there anything else you want to try? Derek asked poignantly during a lull in the conversation, probably knowing the answer was yes.

He allowed the silence to linger for a moment.

Best sex position for a woman.