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You being such a horny devil and all might find it interesting.

Oh? I’m offering you Alice.

The Dark One laughed out loud with the volume and suddenness of an overhead thunder-clap.

Why would I accept one soul, when soon I can have them all? I’m not offering you her soul. Asianjess s gy sex xxx npo com.

I’m not offering you her mindalthough you’re more than welcome to what little there is of that.

I’m offering you her body… to do with as you will.

Granny paused to let Stan conjure-up a few choice actions.

She watched as he carefully crossed his legs, instinctively hiding the growing erection, and took a sip from her glass. Kerala free sexchat.

An odd look took hold of Granny’s face, her eyes bulged and she made a horrible retching noise before spitting the contents back into the glass.

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It took a few moments before Granny had fully regained her composure.

She made a sour face before lowering her good eye towards the glass. Latina spandex fuck.

The gelatinous, green-and-brown contents were steaming slightly.

Sorry, that’s my phlegm glass.

Maggie gets awful cross when she catches me spitting on the carpet.

Granny reached under her blanket and extracted a bottle of 18-year-old Caol Ila.

I keep this bottle for emergencies, she said, eyeing Stan, who looked horrified. Russian webcam freee chat.

She swirled the contents round, examined them carefully before popping the cork and downing the lot.

She smacked her lips and gave a sigh of contentment.

What kind of… emergencies? That… that wasn’t urine was it?

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Stan asked, screwing-up his face and uncrossing his legs. Teens in recife wanting sex.

Granny’s face looked thoughtful for a moment.

She examined the bottle carefully, held it to her nose and inhaled deeply.

A slightly puzzled frown disturbed her brow.

Granny played her tongue experimentally around her mouth.

No it was definitely whiskey.

Granny’s brain swam back into focus. Angelldevill www sex arab com.


The up-coming end of the world.

There’s witch-blood in those veins, but not pure enough to cause problems in the bedroom, if you catch my drift.

Granny didn’t agree with thistalking-like-a-lady’ malarkey that Margaret insisted upon in ‘her’ house. Teens fuck heerlen.

Granny liked to call a spade a spade and then everyone knew what everyone else was talking about.

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Talking in riddles was so new-age.

Just imagine yourself fucking a witch.

Your throbbing cock violating her in every imaginable way.

Stan made a noise.

It wasn’t a human noise. Amateur sex pomona.

He re-crossed his legs.

I don’t know; I’ve got a very good imagination.

She’s a virgin but she’ll do it.

She’ll do it all – for you.

She’ll be yours, to have, to possess.

Stan did some rearranging in the crotch department.

After being stuck on Earth for over 6000 years, to have a virgin was one of the few remaining joys in his miserable existence. Que videos de trasvestis porno.

Oral? he asked.

Granny nodded.

Of course.

Vaginal and anal too.

Those are just your basic holes, Granny said, dismissively.

Any human can do that.

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Somehow Granny spat the last word in a way which slapped Stan across the face… with a salmon.

A whole frozen salmon. Amature webcam vids.

There’s more? Stan asked, intrigued.

Granny gave Stan a withering look.

She is a witch, Stan.

Not a very good witch.

But a witch none-the-less.

What… what else do witches do then? There was doubt in the question.

Stan was suspicious, wary of being drawn into a trap. Cristall99 hindi chat sex vedio.

The only experience he’d had of witches was in the difficulty of killing them and making sure that they stayed dead.

Shape-shifters were the worst.

Stan hated shape-shifters, although his life in that regard had become much easier since the invention of the long-barrelled shotgun.

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Furry or feathery, it didn’t much-aid an escape from a barrel-full of hot lead.

Head-hoppers were just as annoying but the collateral damage made them more fun than the shape-shifters as it was usually best to kill anyone within a ten-mile radius when you found a head-hopper, just to be sure. Ass pussy sample sex video.

Stan found his mood darkening at the memories.

He’d forgotten just how much he hated witches.

If Granny Smith was the last of the great witches, he should just get her killed now and then he could… apart from her granddaughter, apparently… which meant there was a generation missing. Hidden camera massage porno.

Margaret? Stan decided that he may as well wait until Alice came back with the bag of chips.

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Then he could kill them both and have something to eat before hunting down the other one.

Granny Smith is wrong on that score, he thought.

Killing didn’t make Stan thirsty; it made him hungry. Need tamil sex live video.

Well for a start… Granny said, sensing the relaxation from DEFCON 1 to DEFCON 3.

She leaned forward enthusiastically.

Actually, it’d be easier to show you.

There was a tickling sensation in the front of Stan’s brain.

Something akin to fingertips prodding and poking: searching.

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