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I can feel the vibrator through the thin wall of flesh separating your vagina and rectum, and I catch my breath with the thought of the pleasure I am soon going to experience as I thrust my cock deep into your rectum.

I rotate my fingers back and forth until I feel you are stretched sufficiently, and then place the head of my cock at the entrance to your anus, and with just a little push slide into you until you have taken my whole length, and my balls are resting against your swollen pussy lips. Video sexy game.

I turn up the vibrator to full, and start to fuck you, thrusting my cock into you so hard that your head is forced into the pillow.

The weights on the clamps on your nipples, labia and clitoris swing backwards and forwards sending jolts of intense sensation deep into your body.

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You are covered with a fine sheen of sweat, and a flush of deep pink has spread down from your neck towards your bottom.

I think you look sensational as I watch my cock pounding in and out of your rectum, and reaching for the camera I take another picture to add to tonight's album. A sexy blonde.

Your head begins to thrash from side to side, and you babble incoherently, delirious with pleasure, your eyes glazed and sightless, as you move inexorably towards an orgasm of earth shattering proportions.

I grab your hair and pull your head back sharply thrusting the finger of my other hand into your mouth. Christina model webcam show.

And then it happens.

Your body and legs go rigid, as your orgasm starts to explode through your body.

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The muscles of your cunt and rectum contract violently, clamping my cock deep within you, and expelling the vibrator from onto the bed, where it continues to jiggle about in its own little erotic dance. School girl has sex with teacher.

Even in my own state of euphoria, I become aware that my legs are soaking wet, and realise that the convulsion of your cunt has ejaculated a large volume of your juices over me.

The beginning of your orgasm triggers mine, and I pump spurt after spurt of semen deep into your bowels. Archie betty sex.

We are both shaking, our chests heaving as we struggle to breathe.

In unison we cry out in rapture as we lose all sense of our surroundings, lost in a warm pink fog of extreme sexual bliss, every nerve ending feeling as if it is linked direct to our genitals, which throb with such sweet sensations that words cannot describe them. 0800 sex cams.

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Time seems to stand still, but at last we start to come down from our sexual high.

Your body goes limp, and it is only my cock in your rectum and my arm around your waist that prevents you from collapsing almost insensible on the bed.

I switch off the vibrator, which has does its job magnificently, undo the clamps on your pussy and nipples, and pulling my cock out of you, gently lower you until you are lying half prone. Xdreamangelx telugu sexonline.

I feel the delicious exhaustion of post coital bliss stealing over me, so I lie down behind you and hold you in my arms, one hand cupping your left breasts, the other gently resting on you mound, which is sticky with our mingled secretions.

Before I go to sleep I slip by still erect cock into your cunt, where it will sleep in your warm, soft velvety tunnel.

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It is light when I awake.

I can feel you stirring, and as you slowly become conscious, I tenderly kiss your neck and shoulders.

You languorously stretch your limbs, pushing backwards with your hips to push my cock further into your cunt.

That feels so nice, you say, Oh I wish it could stay there for ever. Online chatsex mother.

It makes me feel in some way, oh I don't know, perhaps complete is the right word.

You were wonderful as well, I say, That was the best fuck I have had for a long time, your body was so attuned to mine that we travelled right up to the gates of paradise. The best sex girl boy.

But we haven't finished yet.

There is one more delicious road to sexual heaven which I want to take you down.

One more sweet perversion that I wish to share with you before we must go our separate ways.

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You turn and look at me with a languid expression, your eyelids still heavy with sleep. Free online sex chatting sites chat room.

You show no sign of surprise or resistance, and I know at once that you are completely mine, and that there is nothing you wouldn't let me do to you.

I continue, It is now your turn to dominate me.

I have a nice little strap-on in my bag, and I want you to fuck me with it until we both come once again. Maria ozawa young porno.

It will be your lasting memory of tonight, my final present to you.

I fit the straps of the device around your waist and between your legs.

The dildo is double ended; the shorter end fits nicely into your cunt, and I make sure the straps are adjusted to ensure the maximum stimulation of your clitoris.

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Squirting another generous dollop of lube into your hand, I lie back on the bed with my legs apart and my knees drawn up to my chest.

I slip a pillow under my buttocks so that my anal sphincter is at just the right height for you.

You look really excited as spread lube liberally around my anus and on the dildo, which you waggle lasciviously between my legs. Sexy assholes handjob cock and pissing.

The wild look in your eyes tells me that extreme lust is starting to take you over, and you eagerly comply when I tell you to insert as many fingers as possible into my arse.

God the sensations are fantastic as you insert one, then two, then three, and finally four fingers almost up to the third knuckle. Fuck girl contact in telford.

I think to myself that with a little practise I am sure that I could get you to fist me, and that excites me even more.

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It's my turn now, you whisper, I am going to make you pay for everything you have done to me.

I am going to fuck you till your balls fry and your brains boil, you kinky bastard. Xdianax1 skype free sex live now.

And with those words, you plunge the dildo hard into my rectum until the base is resting against my balls.

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