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Amy did as she was told, holding her legs high over her head and wide apart, and showing the janitor her wet, slick pussy.


Hernandez stepped forward between her upheld legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, parting the thick puffy lips with the head and rubbing it over her aching clit. Chatroulette mobile sex.

Amy was almost beside herself as he teased her with his cock, raking her fingernails across the desk as she tried to keep from grabbing him and pulling him towards her.

She'd already been slapped and scolded for being greedy, she didn't want to make him mad and maybe lose out on the chance for a good fuck.

"Please, Mr. Teen teasing on webcam.

Hernandez! Please don't tease me!

Amirakhanhoti sex gra. cock
Fuck me, fuck me now!" Amy cried, humping her ass up at him to show him how much she wanted him.


Hernandez put the head of his hard, stiff cock at her opening and pushed gently until he was just touching her vaginal opening. Sex chat online wirh girls without registration and charges.

He took hold of her wide spread legs and then pressed forward, slipping easily into her slickly lubed tunnel.

"Yes! Oh fuck, yessss! Oh god, that feels so good! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!" she shouted as the Mexican janitor began pumping in and out of her. Webcam sexy gratis.

Amy grabbed the edge of the desk to hold on as the room closed in on her.

Her pussy clamped down on the thick hard cock as if trying to devour it and Amy could feel every inch and every wrinkle of the man's shaft.

Amirakhanhoti sex gra. cock

Amy was in heaven.

Laying on the desk, being fucked by the school janitor like a common street whore, she felt so filthy, so shameful. Desiressd sexcama online.

Amy loved being used and degraded like this.

She loved being treated like a whore, and the cruder and more demeaning she was treated, the more turned on she got.

She was a slut.

a filthy, dirty fuckhole meant to be used for nothing more than a cum receptacle. Sexy teacher big ass.

But as much as she was enjoying being used and defiled by this Mexican janitor, Mr.

Cramer was about to make her even happier.

As Mr.

Hernandez was busy pistoning in and out of Amy's dripping pussy, Mr.

Cramer moved around to Amy's head.

The desk was just wide enough so that Amy's head could hang off the back side which is exactly what Mr.

Amirakhanhoti sex gra. cock
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Cramer wanted.

He pulled his pants and boxers down and Amy saw what he had in mind.

"Open up, slut.

I'm about to fuck that slutty mouth like you've never had it fucked before!" he said.

He pulled her head down until her throat was stretched out and she was in just the right position. Petite stepsister fucks bro while he sleeps.

She opened her mouth wide and got ready to accept his waiting cock.

She had never had two men at once and was excited at the prospect of a double penetration.

But she was not prepared for what was to come next.


Cramer allowed Amy to just get the mushroom head of his cock into her mouth before he unceremoniously shoved his full length down her throat with one quick thrust.

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Amy gagged at the unexpected intrusion and he backed off a bit.

"So you haven't much experience in deep-throating, I see.

Well, we will have to do something about that," he said with a wicked grin.

He grabbed her by the throat just tight enough that she felt his grip, and then he shoved his cock back down her throat. Nicole aniston porno 4k.

This time though, he held himself there for a few seconds before pulling out and letting her have a breath.

After allowing her to grab a couple gasping breaths of sweet air, it was back down her throat.

He began pumping in and out and after three or four strokes he would pull out completely to let her grab a breath before going back to face-fucking her.

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Amy gasped and sputtered when she was allowed to breath and saliva dripped out of her mouth and ran down her face.

He smeared her saliva across her face to further humiliate her.


Cramer slapped her tits and pinched and twisted her nipples, causing her to groan in pain. Find sex partners.

The pain in her nipples mixed with the delirious pleasure coming from her pussy to send her mind reeling.

Amy moaned and twisted as she neared a gigantic orgasm.


Cramer pulled out just as Amy reached the crest and he tugged on her nuipples once more to shove her over the edge.

"Ohhhhhh Fuuuckkkkk! Webcam porn arab. Oh my Goddd!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs as her world exploded in a blinding flash.

Amirakhanhoti sex gra. cock

She gripped the edge of the desk as she arched her back so high he thought she would break it.

Her legs trembled as though she was being electrocuted and her eyes rolled back in her head as she froze in place. Tamil sex vep live video you.

She didn't breath for several seconds as her mind splintered into a thousand points of light, swirling into a vortex of lust-driven insanity.

Finally, she sucked in a breath and collapsed on the desktop, gasping and convulsing as the waves of her orgasm continued crashing into her. Aurorakitty free chat sex text phone from usa.

She lay there too exhausted to move as the two men continued ravaging her.

At last Mr.

Hernandez reached his own crest and pulled out of her quivering pussy just in time to shot his white hot cum onto her belly and tits.

Amirakhanhoti sex gra. cock


Cramer also came, shooting his cum across her face and onto her tits as well. Beautiful girl sex photo.

As Amy lay there, covered in cum and still trying to catch her breath and recover.


Cramer smeared the last of his cum across her face with his cock, making sure he seared what was left of her makeup as well.

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