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Our phone went out shortly after we lost power when the storm started.

And you’re hurt.

Let me help you.

The man stepped closer, almost gliding as he walked.

No!exclaimed Dakota.

I’m fine, really.

You’re bleeding,he said as he touched her arm.

And you’re soaked. Girls from las vegas who want to fuck.

You must freezing.

And when was the last time you ate? I may not have a working phone, but I can feed you, bandage your wounds, and clean you up.


I’ll run you a hot bath.

I don’t think I have any clothes for a woman, but maybe I have something you can wear for now. Dasha sexy.

His gentle manner helped ease Dakota’s fears I’m fine, really,she said.

He smiled.

I’m Louis.

Come, I promise I won’t harm you in any way.

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What is your name?Dakota.

Louis looked over Dakota’s small frame.

He’d always liked petite girls and he knew she was curvy based on the way her clothes clung to her small frame. Sehe111 www sex chat.

But she was so covered in mud and muck that he couldn’t make out much more.

Let’s get that bath run.

I’ll wash your clothes for you and then we’ll eat.

I swear I won’t harm you.

Dakota hadn’t known many good people and was still suspicious of this man.

But the idea of a hot bath and a meal was more than she could pass up, especially after her almost trash diving meal. Sex radio online.

Louis led her upstairs and down a candle-lit hallway to a small bedroom.

He lit two candles in the room then said, You can sleep here.

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If the storm has passed by morning, I can take you to town.

What happened to you anyway?Bus accident,she said, and what’s with all the candles?Power failure. Morenkaa onlineone minute sexvideo.

Makes the house more romantic.

Now, about your accident.

Oh, right.

Well first, the bus hit a big-rig, then a truck hit us.

I got thrown out of the bus and landed at the bottom of a hill.

I was trying to find my way back to the highway, but found your house instead. Watch free porno sex video online.

Oh, this isn’t my house.

It’s my master’s home.

Your… master’s?Louis sighed.

He’s not a bad man.

I’m not a slave.

I’m a submissive.

Master has taken care of me for years.

Where is he?I’m not sure.

I thought he brought you until I realized you were injured.

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Master would be very angry with me if I didn’t take care of you. One on one video sex.

He trained me better than that.

Louis crossed the hallway to the bathroom and started the water for the tub.

Dakota stepped out and realized her muddy footprints were all over the floor.

Oh no! Look at the mess I’ve made!Louis looked at the floor.

It’s fine. Sexy women cairnbrook pennsylvania.

I will clean it while you bathe.

Master might be upset at first, but once he learns of your accident and injuries, he will understand.

Leaving you in this condition will result in my punishment.

Caring for you will grant me his forgiveness for the mess.

Are you sure? Milky boobs webcam. I can help.


I will get bandages for your injuries and find you something clean and dry you can wear.

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Now, I need your dirty clothes.

Dakota bit her lip.

Look, you seem nice and all, but I’m not comfortable getting naked in front of you.

That’s fine. Totaly free pone sex chats.

Set your dirty clothes outside of the bathroom door and I’ll collect them.

I’ll be right back.

I’ll even leave you my candelabra.

Louis set the candelabra on the counter and walked away as Dakota stepped into the bathroom.

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