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And the girls at the salon were very understanding with Carol's misgivings.

They made a special point in treating Carol's disability as if it was nothing unusual.

After the girls had gotten their hair done, they both decided to get manicures and pedicures. Live sex cam couple.

After their nails were done, Anna got bolder.

"I think I am going to get waxed.

I want to look especially hot in that new swimsuit when we are at the pool! Maybe I'll get lucky and find myself someone who can help me out of it!" Anna said.

The two girls giggled at length at that remark. Webcam girl fingering.

After the salon the pair headed home, satisfied that the day was successful.

Both of them looked stunning with their new hairdo's and makeup and even Carol had to admit she had fun.

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She looked forward to taking this trip with her best friend - maybe a chance to get out of North Dakota is just what she needed after all. Tamanna bhatia sex.

If nothing else it would be a chance to experience something new and different and going with Anna would make sure she stayed safe.

The following week was spent packing and making all the arrangements for the trip.

Anna made sure her work was caught up and she reminded her boss that she would be gone. Snapchat sex contacts.

Meanwhile Carol informed her disability assistance worker that she would be gone as well as the neighbors who looked out for her.

She asked her neighbors to keep an eye on her apartment which they said they would be happy to.

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So with all the arrangements set and the girls packed and ready to go, the day of their trip came at last. A free 1 on 1 live webcam no signup free.

Carol had been to the Bismarck airport a few times in the past, but this was the first time she had been there since losing her sight.

She was more than a little bit anxious about travelling, but with Anna by her side she felt a lot better about it.

She would let Anna deal with the ticket agents and getting them to the proper gates at the right time. Sexy nfl cheerleaders na.

She would just concentrate on not getting separated - that would be terrifying! They did get through the ticket counter and through the security gate with little trouble and the girls even made it to their gate with a couple minutes to spare.

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As they sat at the gate waiting to board, one of the agents come up to speak with Carol.

"Excuse me miss, but would you like to pre-board? Indian webcam show. It might be easier for you both," she said.

"That would be wonderful," Anna said.

And so, a couple of minutes before the regular boarding call, the agent came up and helped Carol and Anna board the plane and get settled in their seats.

The agent also let the flight attendant know that Carol might need some extra help during the flight. Pics of blackschool girls fucking.

The flight from Bismarck to Los Angeles was smooth, although Carol got a bit nervous when the plane took off.

But Anna's relaxed attitude helped calm Carol down.

After all, if Anna wasn't worried about anything, she shouldn't be either!

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After a six hour flight, the captain came on over the plane's speaker system announcing their impending landing at Los Angeles International Airport. Fuck buddy in adelaide.

Carol was excited about being in L.


but at the same time apprehensive about being in such a large city.

And she had no idea how big the airport that she would soon be in really was.

The flight attendant let Carol and Anna off first before the rest of the passengers disembarked. Movies of sexy teens next door.

Anna helped Carol walk down the covered gangway leading into the terminal building and as they went through the door into the airport itself, Carol got her first sense of how massive the place was.

"Oh my god.

this place is huge!" Carol gasped as she processed the different sounds reaching her ears.

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