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Mum was just thirty-three, he'd put his seed in her belly when she was sixteen, and I was the result of it.

In spite of my father, I'd grown into a big lad, bigger than him and one Monday afternoon when I came back from work, he was just about to eat what mum had cooked for me.

"You're too fucking late," he laughed drunkenly.

"You can do without.

" I just looked at him with the total disgust, he'd never held a job for more than a week before being sacked for lateness, non-attendance or shoddy workmanship.

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But it was never his fault, in short, he was a complete fucking loser, and I detested him.

"Give your mother some money, she can go to the shop for me, I want some fags.

" "Try giving her some of your dole money," I said quietly, "If you've got any left after the pub that is.

" "Don't fucking answer me back boy.

" Mum was gesturing to me behind his back to leave it.

"I'll get some on the slate," she said and went to put her coat on, but I stopped her with my hand on her wrist.

"Let the idle bastard fetch his own cigarettes mum.

" He let out a roar and shot up from the table scattering plates and cutlery all over the floor.

"You cheeky little bastard," he roared, "I'm your father, and I'll teach you some fucking respect.

" I'd had enough, more than enough, I'd lain in bed many a night listening to him rutting; he'd never made love to my mum, it had been more like rape.

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When I was younger, I'd cowered and watched as he'd beaten her, sometimes with his fists, sometimes his feet as well. Sex riley steele.

I'd had sixteen years of it, and I wasn't about to take any more.

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