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Her eyes looked to the deep shadow in one corner, and her mouth fell open, as a startled, What? escaped between her lips.

Was she dreaming, this was the start of one of her fantasies, something she craves.

About six feet above the floor were two stabbing points of shining red light. Men bound gagged butt fucked.

She starred transfixed as a form seemed to detach itself from the darkness and appear to glide towards her.

Shaking now, her eyes still fixed on the dual points of light, she pulled herself back up the bed, drawing her knees up protectively in front of her. Bl chat room sex.

She saw now that the twin points were in fact eyes, and pulled up her bedclothes seeking to cover herself, protect herself from what ever creature they may belong to.

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The figure drew closer and she noticed that it was draped in a long black cloak, which reached from its’ broad shoulders to trail on the floor at its feet. Ula2015 pornoschat room.

As the front of the cloak parted slightly her eyes dropped to see an ebony cane gripped in a pale long-fingered hand.

Perhaps thirty inches in length long, the shiny smooth wood was topped with a silver-coloured orb, which reflected the pale white moonlight, which seeped passed the gap in the curtains. Chinese webcam tube.

Arms swept upward, then shoulders rolled throwing the cloak back, exposing not only a crimson lining, but also the white, firm and totally naked body of the man, which it had concealed.

He moved slowly towards her as she sat, as if hypnotized, unable to either move or speak.

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Reaching towards her, his right hand seized the covers she held protectively beneath her chin.

At his questioning look, and beneath his penetrating gaze, she released her grip, and he pulled them roughly from the bed, throwing them to the floor.

He stood back and stared down at her. Live sex chart.

The thin, almost sheer nightdress she wore did little to conceal her body, but still he frowned his displeasure.

With one hand still curled around his black cane, the other grasped the silver orb and twisted.

No! she shrieked, as much as in shock as in fear as he pulled free a long rapier blade, and lowered its tip slowly towards her throat. Online webcam chat rooms without registration only for adult.

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Her eyes went wide with fear.

With a flick of his wrist the razor-sharp steel blade cut through the collar of her nightdress.

Deftly and smoothly he swept it downwards, from her neck, down the deep cleavage between her breasts, down over her stomach before finally cutting through the hem. Sex v gorode online.

The nightdress fell slightly open to reveal the smooth inner curves of her white breasts, a hint of their darker pink nipples, and the almost downy looking delta between her legs.

As he stared deep into her eyes she pulled back the torn material, easing it back over her shoulders. Free cam sex sin registrarse.

Letting it slide down her arms, she lay naked on the bed before him, her arms at her sides, and her legs slightly parted.

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Hrr yes! he almost growled.

He smiled down on her, and his almost jet black lips parted as he licked them, moistened them before lowering his face towards her neck, his long tongue now snaking out between them. Anonymous sex cams.

Her lips were dry, and her fear had abated.

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